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A third map for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is set to drop into test servers soon, and folks wanting a faster, more frantic gameplay experience will definitely want to give it a look.

During last week's GDC extravaganza, fans of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds were treated to an all-too-brief first glimpse of the game's upcoming third map. We don't have a name yet, but we can confirm that the theme is "jungle" and it will be about half the size of the game's other two locations.

The above tweet offers a super quick look at the new map, which boasts a trio of main islands connected by bridges and waterways. The map appears to be pretty huge at a glance, but it's actually only 4x4km all told. For those keeping track, that makes it half the size of the standard PUBG maps, which means players will have a much tighter space to work in on their quest to be the last combatant standing.

The clip opens with an aerial look at the new map, then cuts to a couple sweeping shots of the terrain featuring lots of grass, plenty of trees and small communities. You catch a peek of a fast-moving river, what appears to be a small village, as well as a shanty town.

This latest PUBG map is a pretty big (or little) departure from the previous battlegrounds. Erengel and Miramar are both 8x8km, allowing players plenty of time and breathing room to find a landing spot and stock up on gear before needing to hunt down, or avoid, their fellow competitors. While Erangel is a Russian map with some decent elevation variation, open fields, plenty of greenery and settlements, Miramar is based on the landscapes of Central America, which means plenty of open country and desert landscapes. The purpose of the Miramar map was to force players to approach the game with different playstyles than what worked best on the Erangel map. Unfortunately, it sounds like many folks aren't too pleased with the more barren battlefield.

This third map is already looking like a winner, giving players plenty of dense foliage to hide in while hunting down other players on a much smaller map. This might actually be a direct response to PUBG's closest competitor, Fortnite: Battle Royale, which features a similar smaller map with more tightly packed points of interest. The size of the map speeds up the gameplay quite a bit, so players spend less time wandering around without ever coming across another player.

The folks behind PUBG have stated that they're putting the finishing touches on the map and hope to have it in test rotation soon. Based on even these brief glimpses, we have a feeling fans are going to love it. Feel free to confirm or deny that assessment in the comments below.