Far Cry 5 Support Page Reveals Whether Or Not Boomer Is A Good Boy

The recently released Far Cry 5 lets you take on a handful of helpful partners while attempting to overthrow a group of violent religious cultists and domestic terrorists. One of those partners is the four-legged pooch, Boomer, who now has his own reference on the Ubisoft Support page answering the question we all have. Is Boomer a good boy?

Far Cry 5 Boomer

We love when folks are willing to have a bit of fun with their own game, which is exactly what recently happened on the Ubisoft Support page. In reference to a question posed regarding Boomer the dog in Far Cry 5, we get the only answer that makes sense considering what we've seen of Boomer in action.

Whether or not someone actually asked if Boomer is a good boy, we're happy to see Ubisoft taking this very important query so seriously. It seems pretty obvious from watching Boomer in action that he is a very good boy, but now we've got official confirmation from the game's developer. In fact, they've even got a bit of artwork for Boomer included where he is specifically referred to as "The Good Boy."

Boomer has evolved into one of the most hilarious and delightful selling points for Far Cry 5. When he was first shown off as a possible partner while taking down terrorists during the game's reveal trailer, the social media audience oohed and aahed. When he was seen attacking an enemy to defend the player, it seemed like the game-o-verse collectively cheered. When he was then seen stealing a gun from an enemy and bringing it directly to the player to use, the world lost its damn mind.

That evidence alone should make it clear that Boomer is a good, good boy. As soon as the Far Cry reveal concluded, social media was flooded with affirmations to that fact, as well as (presumably lighthearted) threats to the team at Ubisoft if any sort of misfortune befell this very good boy throughout the course of the game.

Boomer is actually only one of about a half-dozen "guns for hire" you can call upon in Far Cry 5, all of which offer some helpful abilities when tackling the game's various objectives. Nick Rye, for instance, is a pilot for hire who can swoop in and blast an area with covering fire. And then there's Jess Black, a hunter who can take out your enemies silently. Need some sniper support? Then you'll want to call in Grace Armstrong to lend a hand.

That's all well and good, but who wants a makeshift bomb or a questionably sane pyromaniac running around when you can have Boomer at your side, easily the best companion of the lot?

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Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.