Why Sea Of Thieves Fans Are Unhappy With The First Legendary Pirate

Sea of Thieves
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Rare's Sea of Thieves has managed to stay in the headlines since its release, but it hasn't always been for the best of reasons. In fact, the latest controversy surrounding the game has centered around the community becoming disgruntled with the way the very first Legendary Pirate was crowned. In fact, many people are saying that the Legendary Pirate's fan base did almost all of the work.

Game Informer is reporting that the Sea of Thieves community are perturbed that the very first Legendary Pirate in the game managed to achieve his success and fame from means that the community feels as if it were done illegitimately.

Twitch streamer Prod1gyX was the very first Legendary Pirate, reaching level 50 by completing every single mission from all of the major merchant factions in the game. It's a real feat given that it can take hours to complete some missions, and Sea of Thieves only just came out a week before that Prod1gyX managed to accomplish such a feat, meaning he either played the game all day every day or he had help. Well, it turns out that he had help... a whole lot of help.

This is where some in the community have an issue with Prod1gyX's achievement. As noted in the Game Informer piece, Prod1gyX would hop into the games of his friends and followers and take up the quests after they were completed but before they were turned in. What this meant was that Prod1gyX could join in on a quest and turn in the rewards in order to earn gold and earn rep with the merchant faction. He was able to bounce back and forth to different groups in order to quickly level up and move on his way toward level 50.

Many gamers felt as if the Twitch streamer was "cheating" because he wasn't actually doing the missions, he was just game-hopping and reaping the rewards from the efforts sowed by other players.

The article notes that some of the disgruntled gamers attempted to get a hashtag trending to bring awareness to the issue and raise concerns about the accomplishment. The hashtag was called #NotMyPirateLegend.

Many fans of Sea of Thieves are hoping that Rare won't properly honor Prod1gyX's efforts because they feel he didn't put much effort in at all, and instead many feel he was a thief stealing fame and fortune on the digital seas.

There's definitely some irony in people being angry about a pirate thief acting like a pirate thief in a game called Sea of Thieves. It reminds me of the controversy that popped up in Grand Theft Auto where people complained about thieves and robbers causing destruction and stealing other players' cars in GTA Online.

Many of the detractors of Prod1gyX want some sort of acknowledgment and punishment from Rare. Prod1gyX has laughed off the audience disgruntlement, though.

It seems as if some gamers feel as if every player needs to earn their way through the ranks of Sea of Thieves in an honest way. Others don't mind that Prod1gyX took shortcuts where he could to get to where he is. Now the situation becomes: will Rare stop other players from game-hopping in order to rank up? Or will they punish Prod1gyX for not leveling up fairly?

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