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Destiny 2

Bungie has been battling with its own community over the direction of Destiny 2 ever since its release last year. The game hasn't had the easiest time on the market due to some odd decisions made by the development studio, but Bungie is now promising that the next expansion will make progression harder... to make the experience more meaningful and to give gamers a sense of accomplishment.

Game Informer is reporting that the upcoming expansion for Destiny 2, called Warmind, will give gamers something to look forward to when it comes to challenging gameplay. The team decided to make it a lot harder to reach the power cap of 385, which will be the new standard when the Warmind update goes live on May 8th. The reason for this is because the developers claim that the grinding will feel more "meaningful" and give players a sense of "accomplishment", which is similar to what EA and DICE said about implementing the loot box progression system in Star Wars: Battlefront II. Of course, in that case, the backlash was so bad that EA and DICE were forced to remove the feature.

In the case of Destiny 2, In order to limit how quickly players can level up, Bungie is making public events and weekly clan engrams far less "lucrative" when it comes to level scaling. You won't be able to quickly grind in the clan events to get to a higher light level. The team is also making it where exotics gained from non-weekly events will drop on par to legendary gear from other non-weekly events. The purpose of limiting progress in those specific areas is to corral players into the weekly events to participate in them more often.

You will still be able to grind through the clan events, but it will only help net you a soft cap of level 340. The cap is in place so that players will have to put more effort into grinding up to light level 385.

The aim is that players will only really be able to gain level leverage through weekly events, which will limit how quickly they'll be able to reach level 385. So instead of constantly grinding to reach the max level, it will only be possible through several weeks worth of events.

Bungie also capped one-time events so that they can no longer be used on a single account across multiple characters to power level. Instead they have hard caps for the levels they were intended to be played.

Quite naturally, a lot of players did not like the news nor the new grinding method that Bungie is implementing into Destiny 2.

Many gamers are reminded of the XP scaler that Bungie used last year to force players to have to grind out or purchase cash shop items in order to compensate for the scaler. Bungie is still apologizing for that snafu.

This kind of artificial level manipulation will likely turn off the hardcore players and it will do little to entice casual gamers to give Destiny 2 a try when other games without those kind of artificial barriers will welcome them with open arms. You can expect the new caps to go into place on May 8th with the release of the Warmind update.