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Call of Duty

All of the individuals involved with the Call of Duty swatting tragedy last year that resulted in the death of an innocent man are facing federal charges. This includes the man who made the prank swatting call, and the two individuals that involved in the kerfuffle that led him to making the call.

PCGamesN is reporting that Tyler Bariss, Shane Gaskill, and Casey Viner are all facing federal charges for the incidents that led to the death of Andrew Finch from Wichita, Kansas.

According to the report, Bariss -- the original individual who called in the swatting hoax that led to Andrew Finch being killed -- is facing all new federal charges for making a false report or hoax for emergency services, cyberstalking, making interstate threats, making interstate threats to harm by fire, wire fraud, and the conspiracy to make false reports. That's pretty lengthy.

The other two involved with the incident were slightly more removed but considered just as responsible for the outcome. It all started when Viner and Gaskill got into a heated argument during a match in Call of Duty, and Viner became so incensed with Gaskill that he wanted him swatted. The act of swatting includes making a false report to the police that a violent crime is happening, which in turn the police usually come out to the location ready to shoot on site using S.W.A.T. Viner had acquired the services of Barriss in order to swat Gaskill.

During the heated exchange that took place in Call of Duty, Gaskill actually gave out an address and baited Barriss and Viner to swat him. However, what the duo didn't know is that Gaskill gave out an older address where he used to live. Barriss used the old address to swat the location, which turned out to be where Andrew Finch lived. When the S.W.A.T., arrived at the home during the middle of the night, Finch was asked to come outside, and was shot on the porch after stepping out.

Initially Barriss was arrested in Los Angeles, California shortly after the events transpired. Many gamers who had witnessed the fallout between Viner, Gaskill and Barriss helped investigators point toward Barriss and out his location.

While the young man was initially charged for the murder of Andrew Finch, who leaves behind a wife and a child, the federal charges are an attempt by prosecutors to make it known that swatting is serious business.

Part of the ramp up in the federal charges is also because -- as noted in the report -- Barriss had been arrested multiple times before for swatting and bomb threat hoaxes. This also comes shortly on the heels of a new bill that introduced increased penalties for fake emergency reports that lead to injury or death.

Many law officials have wanted increased penalties for swatting since it became a normal occurrence since after 2012. It started gaining widespread attention with Twitch.tv streamers but has been branching out more and more, as some people have been using swatting to get back at people they don't like, or to disrupt live broadcasters.

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