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There are benefits to being a diehard fan of a product. You get to brag about how great the product is whenever your friends are around. You get to broadcast to the world through social media how much you love a certain product. And in some rare cases, you even get to join in on exclusive product testing and get a crack at some of the features before anyone else. That's the gist behind Microsoft's Xbox Insiders program, which continues to receive updates and content ahead of the public roll outs. For the latest Xbox Insiders update, Microsoft added in some brand new features, including support for the Dolby Vision option when you fire up streaming apps that contain video content. The feature is part of a list of other changes that's part of the last preview update for the Xbox One.

The news was rolled out over on the Xbox News site, where it was revealed that Xbox Insiders will be able to check out the new Dolby Vision video streaming feature, which allows those of you who have an Xbox One S or Xbox One X to stream content using Dolby Vision for select televisions that have HDR enabled. This will effectively increase the scene-by-scene high dynamic range precision and the accuracy versus what you're used to seeing through an HDR compatible television. You will need a TV that supports the latest version of Dolby Vision and you will also need a premium Netflix subscription to check out the HDR-enabled streaming apps that take advantage of the feature.

In a continued bid to make the Xbox platform more accessible for disabled gamers, the newest update also adds a narration feature to games. This includes vocal narration for Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Swedish, and Dutch, in addition to English. The Narrator language options can easily be accessed through the Xbox home button. In fact, you can now simply hold down the Xbox One's home button until you feel a vibration to turn on or turn off the narrator without going into the options menu. If you don't want these kinds of ease-of-access enabled on the controller, you can go into the system settings and turn off the Narrator's home button access through the Ease of Access system settings.

Another new feature that will be available for all Xbox One owners will be the new Xbox Live Avatars that will be available through the Xbox dashboard menu. The Avatars will pop up on the dashboard so you can see what they look like as you rummage through your game lists or browse for new content through the Xbox store.

You might be wondering why this feature is being added, but it's a tie-in to the new Xbox Avatars that will be available through the Xbox Avatar Editor that Insiders will have access to first. The new customization features will allow you to present your character on the dashboard and see them before you boot up a game, download an app, or check out streaming content.

The search feature is also expanding, featuring games you also own and will also give you a visual cue that they're "Ready to Install" if you have the Xbox Game Pass or you're subscribed with Electronic Arts' EA Pass.

There are also some "experimental features" that Microsoft is including in the Xbox Insiders beta update, but they didn't list what they are. The Xbox Insiders will have access to the update ahead of the public roll out for all Xbox One owners.

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