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If you're looking forward to Marvel's Spider-Man launching on Sept. 7, hopefully the recently released launch trailer will help tide you over for the next few weeks. From pulverizing baddies to swinging through the streets of New York, the team at Insomniac Games has managed to cram a heck of a lot of high-flying action into just a single minute of footage.

The press rollout leading up to the launch of Spider-Man has been pretty impressive. We've seen the game in action a number of times and have even gone hands-on with it ourselves at E3, yet we still don't know too much about what will actually unfold in this original narrative. We've been introduced to villains and friends aplenty and have even been given snippets of plot points to mull over, but we still have no idea who the big bad is or what their end goal is for their dastardly plan.

What we know so far is that Spidey gets lured out to a prison where some of his biggest rivals have been set free. Somewhere along the line Spider-Man is pegged as a nuisance rather than a bringer of justice, which means even the citizens he protects are out to get him. We don't really get any new information from this latest launch trailer, but at least it makes the game look rad as hell for 60 straight seconds. There's plenty of web-slinging, acrobatic evasions and tussles with everyone from The Rhino to The Scorpion, as well as quick appearances from folks that don't actually want to punch Spidey in the face. It's basically a fast and frantic reminder of why we've been so eager to get our hands on the full game as soon as possible.

These days action/adventure games seem more interested in focusing on stealth or extreme difficulty, so we're hoping that Spider-Man is something of a breath of fresh air in that regard. Never to knock games like the Arkham, Uncharted or Tomb Raider series, because they're fantastic, but it will be nice to play a genre entry where the main character isn't constantly trying to stay out of sight. In my time with Spider-Man in June, I got to swing freely around the city in broad daylight and literally crash into ongoing crime while common folk cheered me on. Stealth was encouraged when I dropped into a mob hideout, but going straight ham on those fools proved just as effective. There was a lightness and sense of joy to being Spider-Man, which felt fitting considering the character.

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And, in case those earlier comments about a lack of plot details seemed like complaining, we're actually impressed. Assuming lips stay zipped until the game launches, we're excited there will be plenty of secrets to uncover along the way. That seems to be a rare commodity in gaming these days.