Star Wars: Battlefront II Roadmap Details New Modes, New Characters Coming This Year

Star Wars: Battlefront II
(Image credit: Electronic Arts)

Electronic Arts really managed to make a lot of people angry with the release of Star Wars: Battlefront II. It had nothing to do with the actual playability of the game; in fact, the playability was pitch perfect. The biggest issue came in the form of the game's monetization setup, which relied on loot boxes. After a massive backlash, EA relented from the premium loot box setup, but still suffered from a lot of negative feedback from die-hard Battlefront fans. In order to keep fighting to regain the respect and admiration of the audience, Electronic Arts decided to release a roadmap for the future content planned to be made available for Star Wars: Battlefront II on home consoles and PC.

Over on the official EA website, there's a post for August that actually outlines the future roadmap of content scheduled to appear for Star Wars: Battlefront II.

According to the roadmap, starting in September, there's going to be an overhaul of the squad system, as it will get improved so that players can spawn on squad members. The new squad system will make its debut in Galactic Assault, Blast, and Strike. If it all goes over well, then expect to see the new squad system roll out for additional modes. Two new battalions will be available in September, as well, for the Galactic Republic side.

In October you'll have your first opportunity to play as General Grievous, who will be available to play on the villain side. He will have his collection of lightsabers that will make the cut, similar to his appearance in Pandemic's rendition of Star Wars: Battlefront II.

Following that update, November will feature a spotlight on Obi-Wan Kenobi and the planet Geonosis. Obi-Wan will be one of the many playable characters on the new Galactic Assault map, along with the inclusion of vehicles from George Lucas' Episode II -- Attack of the Clones. The new vehicles will include the STAP, the BARC speeder, and the AT-TE.

The roadmap also notes that in late November gamers can expect to see the Attack Battalion clone soldiers make an appearance from the 212th Attack Battalion. These were apparently the special clones assigned to Obi-Wan to hunt down General Grievous.

Throughout the winter -- between December and March -- EA and DICE have plans on rolling out additional content for Star Wars: Battlefront II, including Count Dooku, Anakin Skywalker, and a brand new gameplay mode that's being described as "large."

The Coruscant Guard will also make their appearance as a playable elite division on the clone troopers side, along with a huge head-nod to Pandemic with the return of Vader's Fist: The 501st Legion.

For those of you not in the know, the 501st were the main characters of the story mode in Pandemic's Star Wars: Battlefront II. The story basically chronicled how they were some of the last of the clones to operate under Darth Vader after the Galactic Empire became the staple authority throughout the galaxy.

Expect more details to emerge for the winter content as we head into the fall.

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