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A punk and his gun in Sunset Overdrive.

One of the Xbox One's hidden gems, Sunset Overdrive, is getting a second lease on life thanks to the announcement that the game would be making its way to Windows 10 PC via Steam. Even better is the fact that the game's launch on the platform coincides with this news, so you can go ahead and grab it right now.

Major Nelson himself took to social media today to tout an episode of "This Week on Xbox" featuring Ted Price of Insomniac Games. The topic of their conversation was Sunset Overdrive, an early Xbox One exclusive which is now available on PC. The game can be yours for $19.99, and it comes with the base game and both of its DLC packs.

Sunset Overdrive was one of the major games Insomniac worked on before moving on to develop Marvel's Spider-Man for PlayStation 4. During the last console generation, most of their other games were also PlayStation exclusives, including the celebrated Resistance FPS series.

The Resistance series made a name for itself with some seriously unique weaponry, including a gun that let you tag an enemy with a single shot, and then remaining shots from the clip would defy the laws of physics in order to hit that same target.

Rad weaponry was on display once again in Sunset Overdrive, which equipped players with some of the most unique firearms ever seen in this entire generation. Even cooler was the fact that players got to use those weapons in a wild and wonderful open world that was one part Jet Set Radio and one part The Walking Dead.

In Sunset Overdrive, a bad batch of a new energy drink has turned most of the city's inhabitants into various forms of crazed monsters. As one of the survivors, you got to deck out your customizable character in some pretty sweet duds, grab some over-the-top weaponry and destroy any of the baddies that got in your way while trying to carry out all sorts of missions.

The hook was that the game really rewarded the player for building and maintaining momentum while zipping around the city, as standing still for too long was just about the best way to get yourself overrun with mutated jerk-faces.

What's cool is that the bonkers weapons from Resistance made it into Sunset Overdrive, while the fast and fun traversal from the latter made it into Spider-Man. I love it when you can follow a studio's evolution and growth through the games they make.

The biggest thing working against Sunset Overdrive was that it came out when the Xbox One was still pretty new and, going against other Microsoft exclusives, not everyone picked the game up at launch or circled back around to try it out later. It seems to have done well enough, but it's still fair to say it was unfortunately overlooked by many a gamer. Now that the game is available on PC for cheap, hopefully, that oversight will be corrected.