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It wasn't too long ago that it was revealed that megastar and pop princess Lady Gaga is actually a secret gamer girl. She plays video games in her down time and actually found a kindred spirit in the form of Platinum Games' Bayonetta. However, she's recently revealed that she's been having a hard time beating the game.

The troubles that the music maestro was having with Bayonetta made its way onto her actual Twitter account, exposing her fans to the third-person hack and slash game.

As noted in the tweet, Lady Gaga found herself stuck on Chapter XIII in the first Bayonetta where she's fighting against a "dragon with the face." I'm guessing she's talking about the Cardinal of Virtue of Prudence, which is a giant four-legged creature with faces on its legs that Bayonetta has to fight.

The boss is definitely tricky because while it might seem easy to attack the faces on the legs, you have to watch out for the faces shooting out projectiles while the Cardinal also swipes at Bayonetta with his attacks. You then have to dodge the boss when it attempts to eat Bayonetta from below.

After killing the faces on the legs, halfway through the battle, Bayonetta then proceeds to use her hair to create a giant spider-looking monster to fight the Cardinal. This is probably what Lady Gaga was referring to with Bayonetta using her "weave" to fight the boss.

You have to keep peppering the boss until you can get hold of its head and steer it toward Bayonetta's "weave" monster. After that you have to keep attacking its face.

I'm sure Lady Gaga will eventually figure out the pattern and ace the boss given that she's already made it up to Chapter XIII. This is actually quite impressive because she only has three more chapters to go. She's right there at the end and she's already put the work in. Just a few days before meeting the Cardinal, she was on Chapter X, just before Thanksgiving, battling with the battleships.

It's quite impressive that a celebrity of her status, coming off a hit like A Star Is Born, is really grinding out the game and putting in the work. It seems like she's serious about beating Bayonetta, even though it is a legitimately hard game that requires serious skill, timing, and hand-eye coordination. This is a staple facet of many of Platinum Games' titles, as they have perfected the third-person hack and slash genre dating back to games like MadWorld and Vanquish.

I definitely wonder if Lady Gaga will attempt other games like NieR: Automata once she gets done with Bayonetta? She's already near the end and it seems as if she's got the fire to complete the game. The whole obsession she has with Bayonetta seemed to come out of nowhere, but after she revealed she was a secret gamer, it seems like she's been making her followers and fans a lot more aware of one of her favorite pastimes.