Lady Gaga Couldn't Totally Let Bradley Cooper Go After A Star Is Born

Gaga and Bradley Cooper in A Star Is Born

As the weeks pass, the film world inches closer and closer to Awards Season, and the eventual evening of the Academy Awards. Plenty of Oscar-bait projects will be released in the lead up to that event, with the first of the season coming with A Star Is Born. Bradley Cooper's musical drama has captivated audiences with its intimate story and rocking soundtrack, and it's a project that means a lot to both Cooper and his co-star Lady Gaga.

In fact, Lady Gaga wasn't ready to say goodbye to Bradley Cooper's Jackson Maine when the project wrapped. After working so intimately with the project, it was hard for the pop star to say goodbye to Ally's ill-fated husband. As such, Gaga swiped some props from the set, including Jackson's shirt, which she intends to give to her children one day. As she tells it,

I just wanted to have a piece of him with me. This is very precious to me. These are heirlooms, or they will be heirlooms one day.

Well, that's certainly sweet. While she was obviously acting as Ally, it appears that the aspiring singer/songwriter left a special place in her heart. Jackson and Ally's love story is one that spans years and miles, so Gaga sometimes misses her onscreen husband.

In her same conversation with Variety, Lady Gaga also spoke to how emotional her first viewing of A Star Is Born was. And not because she was proud of herself or the movie that might garner her an Oscar nom, but because she missed Jackson Maine so much. It's hard for some actors to let go of their characters, and that appears to be the case with Gaga's first stint as a leading lady.

Lady Gaga's feelings toward Jackson and Ally appears to have paid off, as the pop star's performance has been critically acclaimed. She was able to strip down all the theatrics of Gaga to disappear into the character. Combine that performance with the work she did on the film's soundtrack, and it's clear that Gaga's entire heart and soul was put into A Star Is Born.

Oscar buzz has surrounded A Star Is Born since before it was released, and the film's strong box office performance and critical reception has only added fuel to the fire. But the Academy Awards don't arrive until February, so there will be plenty of new releases until then. Luckily, Bradley Cooper's directorial debut is staying at the forefront of pop culture through the various memes crafted from the movie. Additionally "Shallow" is a radio hit, which may help A Star Is Born stick with Oscar voters.

A Star Is Born is still in theaters now. Be sure to check out our 2019 release list to plan when you'll be seeing the rest of the upcoming Oscar-bait movies.

Corey Chichizola
Movies Editor

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