Fortnite Just Got A Serious Boost On Some iPhones

Players dive onto the Fortnite battlefield.

Fortnite on mobile just got a heck of a lot better for some users, as certain iPhone models can now turn on 60FPS for the hugely popular battle royale shooter. If you've got one of the supported devices, get ready for some buttery smooth gaming on the go.

What's pretty humorous about this announcement is that it comes from Nick Chester on Twitter, who works in PR for Fortnite. Despite that fact, he notes that this pretty big announcement didn't even make it into the latest patch notes for the mobile version of Epic's runaway hit, so he did what everyone else does these days and just made the announcement via social media.

In short, if you're using an iPhone XS, XS-Max or XR, you can now head on over to the Fortnite video options and turn on an option for 60FPS. As Chester notes, that's an impressive technical achievement by the development team, even if it's only possible on absolutely top-of-the-line phones. As those specs become more commonplace, I figure everyone will eventually be enjoying 60FPS in their mobile games. That's assuming the developers want to put in the same kind of work Epic is clearly pouring into Fortnite.

I should probably note that, even if you aren't using one of the latest and most powerful iPhone models, Fortnite still runs insanely well on the mobile platform. It's one of those "how the hell are they even doing this" kind of situations, and now that feat is even more impressive with 60FPS on some phone models.

Digging into the conversation a bit, Chester explains to one commenter that the team at Epic is always looking to optimize the game's performance on more devices, so 60FPS on, say, an iPhone X might be possible in the future. Someone from the Android crowd chimed in asking about possible support for non-iPhone devices but, sadly, that question has not been addressed yet. Considering the fact Fortnite launched on Android devices after iPhone, it's likely that platform remains the secondary focus for non-critical updates such as 60FPS. Also, no word if the game can or will be boosted to 60FPS on the Nintendo Switch, so fingers crossed on those fronts, I guess.

As reported earlier this week, the Fortnite hype train doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon. The game's total registered player count has skyrocketed this past year and its concurrent player record is over 8 million players, which means a heck of a lot of people are playing Battle Royale at any given hour of the day. That's largely due to the insane amount of support Epic is pouring into the game, with constant patches, updates, special events, loot and the like.

Only a handful of games ever see this level of success, so I'm interested to see how Epic continues to respond to the success of Fortnite, and how long players will remain totally devoted to the game.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.