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Madeline reaches for a strawberry in Celeste.

After a standout year for indie darling Celeste, the game's director has taken to Twitter to announce that some special levels will soon be added to the tough but rewarding platformer.

The above tweet comes from Celeste creator Matt Thorson, namesake of the extremely tiny Matt Makes Games development studio. And by tiny, I mean he's basically the whole damn studio. He works with a handful of super talented folks but otherwise, it's just him and a computer, churning out hits like Towerfall and Celeste.

Earlier this December, Thorson announced that Celeste had sold more than 500,000 copies throughout the year. He noted that the team never expected to sell that many copies, while I'd argue that at least 500,000 more people need to go out and add the game to their collection. I only just finally started playing it this week and, let me tell you, it's a platforming dream. More on that later.

For now, what's important is that Thorson has confirmed that some "farewell" levels have been in development for Celeste, which he expects to have ready sometime early in 2019. He notes that these are going to offer some extremely difficult challenges for dedicated players to tackle, which should serve as a nice sendoff for the game.

Also worth noting is the fact that Thorson is now teasing his next game. There's no telling what it might be but, just like the new Celeste levels, we can expect an official announcement sometime in the New Year.

As noted above, I finally found the time to begin Celeste this holiday season and, unsurprisingly, the game is living up to the immense hype. I was already a huge fan of Towerfall, which I've poured an untold number of hours into with friends. Celeste uses a similar art style, so it'll be interesting to see if Thorson's new game goes that same route or introduces something totally different. Celeste also builds on the mechanics of Towerfall, combining the multiplayer brawler's jump and dash with fresh abilities, like grabbing onto and climbing up walls. Oh, and the soundtrack? Killer.

Celeste was a Game of the Year contender at The Game Awards 2018, going toe-to-toe with games like God of War and Red Dead II. It's awesome to see this kind of game get the recognition it deserves, going so far as to win in the categories of Independent Game and Games for Impact while earning a nomination for Score/Soundtrack.

In other words, now might be a good time to grab Celeste if you haven't played it yet. You should have plenty of time to make it through the game's campaign before these new levels drop and, as added encouragement, the game wisely implements all kinds of customization options to make the platforming as simple or as complicated as you like.