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When it comes to romance in video games, for me, it has to strike a nerve. Sometimes, I’ll admit, my gameplay is driven by trying to keep two lovers together. Matter of fact, I chose the romantic ending in Beyond: Two Souls so that Jodie and Ryan would end up together. I’m a secret massive romantic and yes, sometimes it drives my gaming decisions. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I felt it was appropriate to rank some of my favorite top romantic moments in video games.

4. Cloud And Aerith Meet Again In Kingdom Hearts II
Every diehard Final Fantasy fan knows the tragic story of Cloud and Aerith. I’m not even a huge Final Fantasy fan and I know that story, only because it’s one of the saddest in video game history. Cloud lost Aerith in Final Fantasy VII, so when they met again in Kingdom Hearts II, fans’ hearts skipped a beat. The hints shown in the video of Cloud’s shock of seeing Aerith again are subtle and discreet, but true Final Fantasy fans understand how much Aerith meant to Cloud and why this defining moment in Kingdom Hearts II matters so much. When you think about how much Cloud and Aerith have been through together, and you see them reunited, you can’t help but feel so relieved for just a moment. And so happy.
3. Beyond: Two Souls - Jodie And Ryan Almost Freeze To Death
Jodie and Ryan have a multitude of romantic moments, and sometimes even heated and sexual, but one of my favorite romantic moments between the two of them was when they were caught in the blizzard and thought they were going to die. Ryan, amidst shivering, tells Jodie he loves her. When he asks Jodie if she loves him too, this is where the player has the opportunity to make this a romantic moment or a not so romantic moment. I, of course, said yes. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a video where she says yes, but I loved this moment because these two were stripped down and so vulnerable in their emotions in a time of impending death. And when it’s revealed that they both love each other, it just made that moment so much more special for me.
2. Jenny And Jackie Watching TV In The Darkness
This is probably one of the simplest romantic moments on this list, but for good reason. Sometimes romance in a relationship doesn’t have to be spectacular or over-the-top. During this scene, the player has total control over Jackie and Jenny as they cuddle on the couch watching TV. Not only that, the player can also watch TV because it’s a real watchable movie that’s playing. During this time, you options in interacting with Jenny and it should eventually lead in to a kiss. It’s the epitome of what long-term relationships turn into—and it’s so very romantic.
1. Max And Chloe Say Goodbye In Life Is Strange
This is one of the most pivotal moments in Life Is Strange. I don’t want to give away too much of the ending (and luckily the video doesn’t either), but it’s a moment where the culmination of everything that’s happened between Chloe and Max comes to a peak. It’s not an outward proclamation of love because the relationship between Chloe and Max is so subtle. But as they kiss, I just felt like it didn’t matter whether they were gay or straight or whatever. Because together, I felt like they could overcome anything. Out of all of the moments listed in this story, this one made me feel the most for the characters. And topped my Valentine’s Day list of the most romantic moments in video games.