Gears of War was one of the top shooter franchises of last generation. It managed to climb to the top of the genre thanks in part to its memorable campaigns, filled with plenty of over-the-top moments.

These were the Gears scenes that stuck with us for years and turned us into faithful Gears of War fans: Kryll
Be Afraid Of The Dark - Gears Of War 1
The most inventive part of Gears of War's campaign was Delta Squad's encounter with the Kryll. Like the monsters from Pitch Black, these flying creatures would swarm and instantly kill anything that strayed outside of the light. On top of having to deal with Locust soldiers, Marcus and Dom had to be careful not to stray into darkness. They had to look out for propane tanks that they could shoot to light up their path through the city. These monsters turned the shooter into a sort of puzzle/horror hybrid if only for a few scenes.

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