Regardless of what anyone else has said, video games are an art form. And sometimes when an art form is powerful enough, it can move us in ways we never thought we could be moved. When a piece of art, no matter what it is, has the power to move someone to tears, then you know that artwork has done its job. If you haven’t played any of these games before, I just want to warn you there are major spoilers ahead. But these games moved me in more ways than I’d like to admit. WARNING: SPOILERS.

1. When Jodie Finds Out Who The Entity Really Is
In Beyond: Two Souls, Jodie, played by the beautiful Ellen Page, is a young girl who is gifted with the ability to sense spirits, more specifically a spirit that has attached itself to her. This entity, that you take control of many times in the game, lives to protect Jodie by creating distractions and causing a ruckus. One such scene is when Jodie is dancing with a boy at a birthday party and the entity, which she calls Aiden, gets mad and creates a disaster when the boy treats her poorly. Well, at the end of the game, you come to find out Aiden is actually Jodie’s twin brother who passed away right after birth. Then all of a sudden everything Aiden did to create a mess suddenly made sense—he was just a protective brother. I bawled my eyes out knowing this whole time it was just a serious case of brotherly love.

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