Many fans of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim probably would've preferred a direct sequel to that game rather than Elder Scrolls Online, an MMORPG set in the same world. However, ESO is actually a great option for Skyrim veterans.

It's still too early to say whether Elder Scrolls Online will be a better overall game than its single-player predecessor. However, the development team at ZeniMax made smart gameplay changes in ESO that correct some shortcomings with Skyrim. I say that as someone who considers Skyrim their favorite game of the past generation.

Let's run down the reasons that ESO manages to outdo Skyrim, one by one.

Half of every Skyrim battle was spent inside the inventory. The game paused when you opened your inventory so it was your impenetrable sanctuary. You fire off your most powerful abilities and then retreat to your bag to shotgun a few magicka or stamina potions. If the enemy manages to get some hits on you, you chug a healing potion or two as well. Repeat the cycle until everything's dead.

ESO's combat is much more complicated. It's not just because of the lack of a pause button. You'll have at least 6 abilities to juggle in combat even in early levels. These abilities are in addition to your normal weapon attacks, blocks and dodges.

The enemies in ESO make for more interesting prey, too. My preferred Skyrim tactic of running in circles until enemies get caught on something doesn't work anymore. Simply standing in one place and trading blows doesn't work so well, either. Many of them have powerful abilities that you need to interrupt or avoid. Certain quest bosses at early levels will just wreck you if you don't pay attention. Your skill at the game matters in a way that it didn't in Skyrim.

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