Elder Scrolls Online Level 50 Veteran Content Includes Adventure Zones, Trials

Today ZeniMax Online Studios explained what Elder Scrolls Online players will be able to do once they hit the level cap of 50. The MMORPG's "Veteran" content includes both PvE and PvP challenges for groups and solo players.

At level cap, you'll be able to play through the zones for another one of the game's three alliances. In time, you can unlock the third alliance's content as well. The quests and dungeons you encounter will scale to your level to ensure that you're still challenged.

"Skyshards, quests, delves, Dark Anchors, crafting, collections, achievements—basically everything you enjoyed during the 1-50 game, are all available at these Veteran Ranks," said creative director Paul Sage on the ESO website.

Groups of four players can band together for Veteran Dungeons. These dungeons are brand-new experiences that start where low-level dungeons ended. Each of the six Veteran Dungeons shipping with the game will have achievements to encourage you to replay them.

The four-player content for ESO also includes Adventure Zones. These look like normal zones but they're tuned for group play. The first Adventure Zone to ship with the game is Craglorn, a region between Cyrodiil and Hammerfell. Expect quests, story, and dungeons with bosses and Skyshards.

Within the Adventure Zones, you'll also find entrances to Trials. Trials are 12-person adventures with increasing difficulty. They seem to be the equivalent of other MMO's raids in that they require a lot of coordination. The group has a finite number of resurrections and will fail the Trial if they run out. If the group survives, though, they'll be ranked against others on a leaderboard.

The PvP content at 50, meanwhile, is essentially just an extension of what you'll be doing from level 10 onwards: fighting other factions for control of Cyrodiil. Sage notes that this zone offers both solo and group content. If you're by yourslef, you can do quests, find Skyshards, or ambush enemy faction players. If you've assembled a small group, you can start taking over farms and other resources. Larger groups, meanwhile, can do more ambitious things like assaulting keeps.

ZeniMax hopes that players will engage in both PvE and PvP. They've tried to make it easy for you to switch between both types of gameplay.

"Many people who have become attached to their character want to see how their character would perform in a variety of situations or game modes. This is part of the reason we don’t have PvP gear and PvE gear, and also the reason we embrace being able to pick and max out more than a handful of skills. We’ve tried to avoid the danger of compartmentalizing and labeling certain players by acknowledging that circumstances change for people day-to-day."

In addition to adding new Adventure Zones or Dungeons in the future, Sage says that the development team could introduce new types of content as well. One example he gives is horse racing. They want to keep the game fresh at all levels.

"You’re not just building your character for one or two things, but for a variety of activities. Different days of the week and even different hours of the day can change your motivations for what you want to do or experience."

Elder Scrolls Online will officially launch on PC and Mac on April 4th. However, certain players can access the game early.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.