The unfortunate truth of the video games industry is that, sometimes, there’s just too much red tape and far too many outside factors standing in the way of a beloved series getting a new entry. To that end, we’ve pulled together some of our favorite series that may have officially ridden off into the sunset.

Hang around any group of gamers long enough and one topic of conversation likely to pop up is “if you could have a sequel to any game series, what would it be?” When faced with that question, folks’ eyes usually peer off into the distance and begin to glisten as they ponder how amazing it would be to jump into The Legend of Dragoon 2 or a new Crash Bandicoot game, designed and developed by Naughty Dog, of course.

Sadly, no amount of wishful thinking will ever bring a game series back from the dead and even legions of fans desperate for a new entry can’t guarantee a series’ continuation. Following are seven such series we’d like to see continue even though it’s likely they’ve all reached their journey’s end.

Eternal Darkness
One of the most original survival horror games of all time, Eternal Darkness is a GameCube gem that expertly mixed the type of exploration and puzzle solving you’d expect out of Resident Evil with the lore of H.P. Lovecraft and some truly brilliant design quirks that actively screwed with the player. Not a lot of games break the fourth wall and utilize their medium to create genuine chills, but you’ve never known true fear in gaming until you’ve freaked out over Eternal Darkness “erasing” your memory card when it was supposed to be saving your progress.

As your in-game character’s sanity dropped, the game would break its own rules to catch you off guard, including messing with the image, flipping the world on its head, turning down the volume and the like. While revivals of Eternal Darkness have been attempted through crowdfunding, folks weren’t too trusting of the team trying to pull a sequel together, resulting in a couple of failed campaigns. That being the case, it’s not looking too likely that we’ll ever get a second journey into utter madness.

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