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Sega has announced that it’s upcoming frantic, third-person actioner The Club has officially gone gold and is bound for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on February 19th.

The game, which utilizes a gameplay system that combines equal parts racer and shooter, was developed by Project Gotham Racing helmers, Bizarre Creations—meaning that if the they somehow manage to make the third-person elements as top-notch as their previous titles, gamers are in for one hell of a high-octane action fest.

The game features eight controllable members of The Club—bloodthirsty killers and high-priced mercenaries who are part of an underground sport controlled by the incredibly wealthy and “influential elite”, as Sega calls them, who place bets to see who will come out on top. The Club offers five single player modes including Sprint, Time Attack, Survivor, Run the Gauntlet and Siege—all of which are sure to provide excellent opportunities to slay your opponents with the game’s 17 assault weapons over numerous destructible environments.

What’s that? You think it sounds awesome but where’s the online play?

Sega and Bizarre Creations have that covered too with a global system implemented to track down how many folks you slaughter worldwide. With eight multiplayer modes and eight maps to do battle in, it sounds like The Club has shaped up to feature one of the most intense multiplayer modes this side of Call of Duty 4.

We’ll soon find out for sure in just two weeks but until then, check out Xbox LIVE or Sony’s PlayStation Network for a playable demo. Stay tuned.

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