With a rise in the popularity of VR gaming, all eyes are on the market of virtual reality. Just today, Discovery and HBO announced they were investing in virtual reality, so one can hope that means more of Discovery’s VR videos and a virtual Westeros? While movies and tv is still trying to jumpstart VR, gaming has gotten a pretty good handle on it. But what else will virtual reality affect? We’ve got quite a list of things in everyday life that will more than likely become a virtual reality experience in the future.

1. Dating And Mingling
Many have stated that in today’s tech-savvy digital age, the new going out is staying in, because you have everything you need at your fingertips. And with dating moving to mobile platforms on apps like Tinder, all it takes is a few swipes and some texts to set up a date night or get to know a stranger. With the ease of dating dumbed down to a single swipe of the finger, what if the entirety of dating could be done through a virtual reality headset? Rather than watch text line after text line in a chat room, it would probably make much more sense to meet in a virtual bar where a ton of virtual people are mingling. You’d never have to leave your house to meet a blind date; instead, you’d do it all from the comfort of your living room—in your pajamas with messy hair and no shower. With how popular Tinder has become, I wouldn’t be surprised if a dating app for a VR headset skyrocketed in popularity just the same. The future of dating will get lazier, it’s inevitable.

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