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It’s easy to forget that not every plane, helicopter and war-bird in Ace Combat: Assault Horizon are just from one country, many of the aircraft come from all over the world in the new arcade flight simulator. Well, today, Namco Bandai released some new screenshots specifically showing off some American aerial muscle in all their high-definition glory, giving gamers a taste of some of the craft that will be operable in the upcoming arcade shooter.

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon features fast-paced do or die combat as players use modern planes to take down bad guys in some of the intense virtual aerial combat featured in a video game.

You can check out the new screenshots featuring attack helicopters, a super bad stealth bomber and a few other high-tech aircraft in the screenshots below. If you’re interested in the new Ace Combat game from Namco Bandai, which has a robust single-player mode and sports several different modes in a detailed competitive multiplayer feature, then you can look for the game to land on store shelves this October for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

For more information on the game feel free to visit the Official Website.