Rising Star Games' bullet-hell arcade shooter is currently available for purchase for the Xbox 360. In accordance with the game's release, Rising Star will continue to release a number of content packs so gamers can deck out their Xbox 360 dashboard as well as enjoy some of the art-styles from the game with the picture packs.

Martin Defries, president of Rising Star Games commented briefly in the press release, saying...
"As our first North American title, Akai Katana solidifies our global position in the interactive entertainment industry," ... "The support from fans and the community, combined with our future plans has been fantastic to see as the newest publisher on the block.''

Hopefully they keep things tight, keep it clean and keep it real. It's easy to make big bucks in the industry with a few noteworthy titles, but it's even easier to fall off the block due to money mismanagement and content abuse. But I'm definitely interested to see how Rising Star takes hold of their position in the North American retail bracket, which is a stalwart in console gaming revenue.

Anyways, enough about ethics and company morals...let's talk about Akai Katana. The game is a throwback to the classic arcade, bullet-hell shooters that didn't really help define an era, but were a heck of a lot of fun nonetheless. Companies like Taito and the highly intuitive though duly underrated Psikyo, offered gamers plenty of these kind of games during the mid and late 1990s but the niche popularity of these titles quickly dropped off. Rising Star is aiming to revive the niche with a slightly more mainstream release of an arcade shooter.

The game is designed by Cave, the same group behind one of my favorite bullet-hell games, ESP Ra.De, in which there is a striking similarity to the gameplay design in Akai Katana.

The game sports HD graphics, multiplayer cooperative modes and multiple gameplay modes to help maintain a sense of replayability. You can check out the rest of the game's features below or pick up a copy of Akai Katana from your local retailer for only $39.99. For more info on the game feel free to pay a visit to the game's Official Website.

Akai Katana Features:

Gorgeous hand-drawn artwork
• Full HD 16:9 support
• Three modes of gameplay
o Origin (Arcade)
o Slash
o Climax
• Fully animated UI
• Original Arcade settings (optional) for an authentic experience
• Online leaderboards and replays
• Local two-player co-op
• Frantic 'bullet hell' action

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