This morning Activision released another trailer for open-world action game The Amazing Spider-Man. This trailer zeroes in on "Web Rush," a mechanic that will allow players to take full advantage of Spidey's various talents.

When Web Rush is activated, time slows down. You're then given options on moves to perform. For example, in the trailer we see Spidey slow down time so he can do a stealth takedown on two enemies. In a fight against a massive robot, he uses Web Rush so he can take a shot at the bot's weak point.

This seems like one of those mechanics that might look better than it actually plays. You'll be able to pull off some really acrobatic moves but it's taking you out of the flow of normal gameplay. Hopefully it's a rare enough occurrence that it'll still maintain its "wow" factor. It's better than quick time events, at any rate.

The Amazing Spider-Man game will launch in North America on June 26th. The game's plot isn't based on the events of the film arriving a week later so you can play it without fear of spoilers.

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