If you're looking for something to keep you busy through the long weekend, why not dive back into Killer Instinct? Along with a hefty patch, the game now has a new fighter to take control of, Gargos the winged gargoyle.

Over the weekend, Killer Instinct for Xbox One and PC received a hefty update. Patch 3.1.5 delivered all sorts of tweaks to the popular fighting game, as well as squashed a number of bugs that were giving players a hard time.

Alongside that update came Gargos, a massive brawler with glowing green limbs, horns and fangs. Fans of Killer Instinct will recognize this bad boy as the main villain from previous entries in the series. Now he's just a regular ole fighter who you can see in action in his very own highlight trailer.

According to Gargos, who took the time out of his busy schedule to narrate the trailer for us, he's been building up to this arrival in Killer Instinct for centuries. He talks about how he's had an impact on the other characters in the game, corrupting the heroes and manipulating those “hungry for power.”

By keeping all of those other folks busy fighting one another, Gargos has chosen now as the perfect moment to return and invade the world of Killer Instinct.

His wings give him a nice little jump boost and, as with any flying character in any fighting game, he has a few dive-bomb attacks. Gargos uses those wings to his advantage, adding in swipes and thrusts to make his combos more devastating. Homeboy also has the ability to call in a couple of minions to fight for him and attack players through portals from across the screen.

If you're playing Killer Instinct, you can add Gargos to your collection starting right now. Just keep in mind that he's not the final Season Three character for players to enjoy. Here's a refresher on what else is coming before this latest season of new fighters and content wraps up.

So now that folks can duke it out with Kim Wu, Rash (of Battletoads fame), Arbiter (from the Halo series), old-school KI character Tusk, Mira and Gargos, that leaves the new Shadow Lords mode to get later this year, a new fighter in June and, in July, another new fighter and a new multiplayer mode. Fill us in with your wish list for those two remaining characters in the comments section below.
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