Arcade County Lets You Create 16-Bit Games With Ease

Fond of the old-school, side-scrolling, 16-bit video game era? Well, a new tool for Windows enables indie, pro, enthusiast and newb-designers alike create video games using a nifty game creation tool kit called Arcade County. It's extremely easy to use and operates like a new generation version of Maxis' Klick'n Play.

Gametrailers managed to post up a new video walkthrough for Arcade County, which details how to quickly and efficiently toss together a sprite-based game easily and efficiently using a few point and click measures.

All the troubles of manually coding each function of the parallax scrolling, tile building and sprite interaction is replaced with drag-and-drop functionality, so literally anyone with the right assets can toss together a game in a matter of minutes. Check it out below.

Arcade County

This is like the perfect tool for beginner game designers...while pros would probably have a blast recreating or designing some awesome glorious 16-bit style games, it's the newbie designers who would benefit most from a toolkit like this. The ability to get a sound understanding of structural game design and asset management are key roles for using Arcade County and it helps layout the process of what it's like to potentially work on larger projects.

Game creation tools have never widely advertised in mainstream gaming circles much, but I'm at least glad Gametrailers picked up on this video of Arcade County, because even if you don't design games using the toolkit, it looks like it might turn out to be a nifty place to go to download retro-style 16-bit inspired side-scrollers. The best part about it is that the games are viable for ports over to Mac, iOS, Android or PC.

You can learn more about Arcade County or download the software right now by visiting the Official Website.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.