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Ubisoft has released the first in-game screenshots for Tyranny of King Washington, the alternate history DLC campaign for Assassin's Creed 3. These images demonstrate the new abilities that Connor - err, Ratonhnhaké:ton - wields in the DLC.

In Tyranny of King Washington, George Washington is a dictator and Ratonhnhaké:ton never became an Assassin. That doesn't mean Ratonhnhaké:ton is helpless, though. He's still a highly trained Mohawk warrior who's deadly with a bow and arrow. He also commands bloodthirsty wolves in battle.

Our hero also has new, nature-based abilities at his disposal. The one seen in these screenshots is called Power of the Wolf. It enables Ratonhnhaké:ton to become invisible. Feel free to re-enact your favorite scenes from Predator.

King Washington will be released in three parts in February, March and April.

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