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Ubisoft has sent out a trailer that discussed the "Eagle Powers" in Assassin's Creed 3 DLC Tyranny of King Washington. These powers allow Ratonhnhaké:ton to perform superhuman feats.

By calling on the power of the Eagle, Ratonhnhaké:ton can briefly transform into a bird. This allows him to jump to a ledge that would be otherwise outside of his reach. He can also pounce on enemies from incredible distances.

Ratonhnhaké:ton has several other beast powers at his disposal in this DLC campaign as well. Yesterday's trailer focused on his wolf abilities, which let him stalk his prey unseen. Power of the Bear, meanwhile, is said to boost his strength.

Tyranny of King Washington depicts an alternate history in which the United States never became a republic. Instead, George Washington seized power and became a ruthless dictator. Ratonhnhaké:ton will have to overthrow this tyrant in this three-part campaign.

The first episode of the DLC campaign was released in February. Episode Two, "Betrayal," will be arriving on March 19th. You can buy all three episodes of the campaign in one fell swoop by purchasing the Season Pass.