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New footage between two simulation giants has emerged, pitting the racing titles against one another in a video showdown between graphics, physics and audio. We get to see how each game handles each property as a BMW Z4 zips around the Silverstone track.

The video is only two and a half minutes long but it's long enough to give gamers a really sound idea of what each game encompasses. For instance, we get to hear the audio from both games and how they handle the BMW's GT3 class race car; and while I've always been a big proponent of Project CARS' audio and sound designer, I do have to admit that the audio the in Assetto Corsa just feels a lot beefier for the Z4; it seems to capture the actual atmosphere of the track and car pumping its muscle to stay the course. That's not to take anything at all away from Project CARS, where the sound is still as engaging as ever, it just doesn't quite carry the same level of meat as Assetto Corsa.

The video also reveals that Silverstone seems to have corrected lighting in Assetto Corsa that's somewhat missing from Project CARS, but the latter is still in alpha and continually being tweaked leading up to its release. Assetto Corsa is in its beta stages, so it's slightly more forgivable that you would expect to see some features present in one title over the other.

One thing, though, that I noticed that stands out quite a bit between both games and actually helps with the immersion are the hands on the steering wheels. If you look at the hands in Assetto Corsa, they're very stiff and direct. They only move with the wheel and the wheel only moves when the player does.

If you look at Project CARS, you'll notice that the hands on the wheel are very reactionary. You can see that there are times where the hands are going for a crossover but don't quite fully need to do so; there's also more movement between turns and while taking sharp corners. In addition to this, notice that the straightaways are the most telling part, as the hands or the wheel never sit still in Project CARS, but instead there are slight jitters in the wheel movement and hands as the shock reactions and shifts in the tire alignment causes an ever-so-slight twitch in the wheel. It's very well done and adds an extra layer of realism to the cockpit view. I think that Slightly Mad Studios did a superb job in capturing those nuances of a race car on the track.

Both games aren't entirely finished, but you can buy into their pre-release programs if you can't wait for them to land on the market. Assetto Corsa is available exclusively on PC where-as Project CARS is set for release on the Xbox One, PS4, Wii U and PC in late 2014. You can check out some additional footage of Project CARS below, featuring the water and rain physics while driving, or visit the official website to learn more about the game.

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