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The Xbox Live Games with Gold lineup for August has been announced, including two games for the Xbox 360 and two games for those of you gaming on the Xbox One. Get ready for dragons, dirt bikes, space battles and stealthy murder.

Each month, Games with Gold dishes out the goods for Xbox users who subscribe to the, you guessed it, Gold membership. Along with free games, the service provides access to online features, making it mandatory if you’re looking to play the vast majority of games including a multiplayer component. Thankfully, a handful of gratis games each month help take plenty of sting off of that $50 investment, allowing players to fill up their backlog with all sorts of goodies.

The Major Nelson blog today announced the Gold games for August, including Crimson Dragon and Strike Suit Zero for the Xbox Uno, as well as Motocross Madness and Dishonored for the Xbox 360.

As a reminder, three of these Gold games will go live on Aug. 1 and will be available through Aug. 15. However, that only leaves you a couple of days to take advantage of the July titles, Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition and Max: The Curse of Brotherhood. Grab them now before they disappear forever. And by “disappear,” I mean rejoin the ranks of games you’ll need to actually pay for if you want to enjoy them. Come Aug. 16, Dishonored will jump on the Gold bandwagon, available through the end of the month.

Crimson Dragon is a third-person flight game where you ride a titular winged beast into battle and mow down your enemies with your fiery breath. Strike Suit Zero is a very similar game, only replacing dragons with wicked mechs flying around in outer space.

Motocross Madness, as you may have guessed, is a third-person racing title featuring dirt bikes, winding tracks and beautiful locales.

Finally, there’s Dishonored, which turned a lot of heads back in 2012 with its compelling story, daring acrobatics and sneaky-sneaky-stabby-stabby gameplay.

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