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Gamers who purchased Batman: Arkham Knight on PC are suffering through a lot of bugs right now. Fortunately, they can download a free game to ease their pain.

The free game probably ought to be from Arkham Knight publisher Warner Bros. Instead, the indie (and media-savvy) developer No Bull Intentions is stepping up to the plate. They're giving away free copies of their episodic adventure Supreme League of Patriots to early buyers of Arkham Knight on PC:
We think that PC gamers get taken for granted far too often. Those who choose to play on PC are often subjected to shoddy console ports, driver problems, poor optimisation and game-breaking bugs, not to mention invasive DRM and launch delays of weeks or even months for some titles. We’re making this offer to show our support for PC gamers.

To be eligible for a free copy of Supreme League of Patriots, you need to have bought Arkham Knight on PC before midnight PST on June 30th. If that applies to you, simply email proof of purchase for your boxed or digital copy to [email protected]

Supreme League of Patriots is a comedy starring Kyle Keever, an aspiring superhero. Players control Keever in his quest to get on a reality TV show. Along the way, he'll meet a range of superheroes and villains inhabiting New York. The puzzles are supplemented by a tiered hint system so you can make the game as hard or easy as you want.

Arkham Knight's PC version is such rough shape that WB decided to stop selling it temporarily. The development team released the first PC patch this weekend and outlined their long list of plans for future updates. No Bull Intentions is optimistic that the game will be fixed in due time:
While we have every confidence that Rocksteady and Warner Bros. will keep patching Arkham Knight until it’s the amazing game we all anticipated, that doesn’t take away the disappointment that gamers felt. We recognise that our little superhero caper can’t do that either, but we hope the comical adventures of The Purple Patriot will bring a smile to their faces while they’re waiting. After all, The Purple Patriot is possibly the only superhero in history to take himself more seriously than “the bat”.

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