Have you ever wondered who would whoop more butt in a straight-up supernatural street fight? Barack “Barry” Obama or Mitt “Money Man” Romney? Well, you don't have to let your imagination go into overtime trying to figure out the specifics because one game studio has already done it for you and it's called Battle For Presidency.

The game stars both presidents and presidential candidates, as evidenced by the inclusion of Governor Romney. Players will pick from heavyweights such as George Washington, Theodore Roosevelt, George W. Bush, Andrew Jackson, a hilarious looking Ron Paul, Nixon and even Ulysses S. Grant.

The fighting system is on a 2D plain like Street Fighter but the fighting mechanics, projectiles and combos seem to have a more methodical pace similar to Mortal Kombat. You can check it out in the video below.

I've got to give Candax Productions props for coming up with such a unique game concept. It's just...wow. Who would have thought to do such a thing?

What's most impressive is how detailed the characters look. While the special effects could use some post-processing and additional particles here and there, the grungy look of the fighting and the over-the-top portrayal of the presidents and candidates is an instant seller right there.

The game is scheduled to launch this December and you can upvote the title over on Steam's Official Greenlight Page.

Valve will be selecting the next batch of games to Greenlight this month, so vote fast and vote hard. You can also check out more information and details on the game's design and roster by paying a visit to the Official Battle for Presidency Website.

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