DICE provided another in-game look at Battlefield 3's expansion Aftermath today. This new video flies through "Epicenter," one of the new maps included in this DLC pack.

"Epicenter" takes place in a high-rise district of Tehran, Iran. Like other maps in the expansion, "Epicenter" is set after a devastating earthquake. As the name suggests, this particular location was hardest hit by the quake. Expect a lot of broken windows, cracked streets and collapsed buildings.

While battling through this ravaged city, they'll have to cope with aftershocks. These shocks go off on a random timer to add some suspense to each match. A sure headshot might be wildly off thanks to the sudden shaking.

Aftermath will introduce a new Scavenger mode in which players start with a pistol, grenade and knife and must search for more powerful weapons. The expansion will also provide new vehicles and weapons appropriate to the disaster zone, including a makeshift crossbow.

The expansion will go live after Thanksgiving. The exact release date varies depending on your platform of choice and whether or not you're a Battlefield 3 Premium member.

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