Battlefield 3 Designer Promises FAMAS Nerf

If you've played Battlefield 3 recently, you've probably gotten your ass handed to you by someone wielding a FAMAS. BF3 designer Alan Kertz says that they're going to take another look at the weapon.

The FAMAS was a rifle from BF2 that was introduced to BF3 with the "Back to Karkand" expansion. Shouldn't a weapon that old already be balanced? Well, the issue is when players are using the gun with the new fore grip attachment in BF3.

"After playing with and without fore grip on my FAMAS, not sure I could nerf it enough lol. Hmm, this one is a biiiiiiiiiit OP," tweeted Kertz.

Kertz later explained on Reddit how the weapon went live in its current state: "I was on vacation, I think the Back 2 Karkand team did a great job without me, and the FAMAS just demonstrates that the foregrip is OP. It's the only accessory without any downside."

"Given that the FAMAS is very difficult to use without the foregrip, I can't really blame the team on B2K for having an item from the base game OP one of their additions. We'll get this sorted out and in the mean time, it's still only good at mid to close range."

"Back to Karkand" brings back four maps, ten weapons, and four vehicles from BF2. The weapons are unlocked through a new assignments system that presents players with long-term goals. It's the first major DLC for the game since its release in late October. It's available on the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.