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Today DICE profiled the new maps that will be included in Battlefield 3's expansion End Game. End Game, arriving in March, will provide four new battlefields for players, each inspired by a different season of the year.

In the latest post on Battlefield Blog, DICE said that the maps are rather sizable. They're on par with Operation Firestorm and Caspian Border. The flags are spaced out a lot, so there's no unused portions of the map.

Large maps mean that players will want to use vehicles to get around. End Game adds AA transports as well as dirt bikes. As a previous trailer revealed, the devs have created ramps throughout the map so players on dirt bikes can get some serious air.

Each map supports Conquest, Rush, Squad Rush, Team Deathmatch and Squad Deathmatch modes. They can also serve as battlegrounds for Capture the Flag or Air Superiority matches. CTF and AS are two modes from previous Battlefield games that are making their return in End Game.

Screenshots of each map are below.