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Video game sound effects have come a long way in the past couple decades. Perhaps the clearest demonstration of this is a video called Battlefield 3 NES Edition. The video shows gameplay footage from BF3 dubbed with 1980's console sound effects.

"Sounds are from Contra and Top Gun, music is from Journey to Silius (Title Screen) and Batman (Stage 4 Part 1)," said creator Omega52.

The sound effects are hilarious, no doubt about that. The music, though, holds up pretty well. I like BF3's dubstep soundtrack a lot but the chiptune era did produce some surprisingly catchy tunes.

Unfortunately, BF3 doesn't have mod tools so you can re-do the actual game with NES effects. If you could mod the game, I wonder long it would take for someone to add 8-bit graphics as well.

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