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When Battlefield 4 launches this fall, the game's multiplayer will offer seven different modes. DICE confirmed the list of release day modes today while also providing information on the new additions, Defuse and Obliteration.

The first two modes confirmed for the game are Team Deathmatch and Squad Deathmatch. TDM splits the players into two equal teams while SQDM splits them into four. There's no objective in these modes other than killing opponents. The first team to hit the desired amount of kills will win.

Conquest and Rush are both obviously shipping with the game. Conquest is the quintessential Battlefield mode: two teams fight over several control points on massive maps. The team controlling more territories loses respawn tickets slower than the opposing team. The team that runs out of respawns first loses.

Rush was first introduced in Battlefield: Bad Company. It's a more focused experience than Conquest. One team takes an offensive role and tries to plant bombs at two locations defended by the other team. If the offense blows up both locations, a new pair of targets will be unlocked. If the defenders manage to whittle down the attackers' respawn tickets to zero before they can take out their targets, they'll win.

Domination was first introduced in Battlefield 3's expansion Close Quarters. This infantry-focused mode is set on smaller maps. Teams once again capture and hold territories but the capture radius is smaller and territories change hands much quicker. There are no bases so respawn locations are random. It's a fast-paced battle that rewards the best gunslingers.

Obliteration sounds like it combines the epic scale of Conquest with the focused action of Rush. A bomb spawns somewhere in the center of the map. Either team can grab it and then plant it at one of their opponent's three bases. The first team to blow up all three of their enemy's bases will win the match.

"The single available bomb creates a strong focal point of action, with both teams risking it all to be able to bring the bomb to the enemy base," DICE says on the Battlefield Blog. "It’s a game mode all about staying on the offensive and all about being a mobile team player."

Defuse is another bomb-oriented mode but with some crucial differences. Unlike Obliteration, it's an infantry-only match type. Furthermore, there are no respawns. DICE will reveal all of the rules at a later date but these specifics alone paint a very interesting picture. It sounds like it could be like Counter-Strike.

While BF4 will ship with seven multiplayer modes, DICE will no doubt add new ones post-launch. They're planning five expansion packs for the game.

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