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Electronic Arts will reward loyal members of their EA Access program with an opportunity to download and own the Second Assault DLC expansion for free. While this seems like really great news, keep in mind that this is only available to Xbox One gamers for a limited time.

VG 24/7 is reporting that the DLC for Battlefield 4 is free for EA Access members starting from today, January 29th, up until February 28th. So you have one month to get in on the action... for free.

The Second Assault DLC is composed of some remakes and retrofits for Battlefield 4. The return of the dune buggy and a supposedly “new” and “improved” Caspian Border make up for some of the content of the DLC pack. If you remember correctly, the Caspian Border was a pretty big deal in Battlefield 3 when the game first came out. Believe it or not, that was way back in 2011 when a lot of people thought that EA was making a turnaround on their ways and that Battlefield was about ready to trump Call of Duty in the marketshare department. However, a poor follow-up to the Medal of Honor series with Medal of Honor: Warfighter and a very buggy release in the likes of Battlefield 4 – with plenty of post-launch drama – caused EA to lose their gains against Activision and the Call of Duty franchise.

The company delayed last year's planned outing of Battlefield Hardline in order to fix some of the proposed problems with the game when gamers pointed out some of the more poignant flaws during a pre-release test that took place last summer. Visceral Games decided to use the opportunity to add more content, fix some content and alter some of the game's mechanics based on fan feedback. Electronic Arts and Visceral Games recently announced that Battlefield Hardline will now commence in an open beta test between February 3rd next week and February 8th.

Gamers will have a whole week to gauge whether or not Hardline is worth the price of entry after getting their hands on the upcoming beta.

Xbox One gamers will get the most out of the ordeal, as those who decided to sign up for Electronic Arts' Access program for Microsoft's console will not only have the open beta to dabble in but they'll also have the ability to get some free DLC out of the event as well. If you don't really recall the Second Assault DLC, you can check out the promo trailer below.

I do wonder if the delay of Hardline, having a second beta test before the game releases, and allowing EA Access members to have free access to the Second Assault DLC will help alleviate some of the ill-will that EA has garnered over the past years from the gaming community?

It seems hard to argue with a lot of free access to content, but sometimes past transgressions make it hard for some gamers to let go of those events.

You can get in on the Hardline beta next week, and you can grab a free copy of the Second Assault DLC right now if you're an EA Access member. You have up until the end of February to make good on the deal.