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The Battlefield Hardline beta is done and over with tonight, and more than six million gamers have already had their fill of the action. EA and Visceral Games are taking the feedback and prioritizing how they're going to fix up the game for release this March.

Over on the official EA website, vice president and general manager of Visceral Games, Steve Papoutsis, commented about the success of the beta and let gamers know that they should definitely take the opportunity to get in some play time with the beta before Monday is done and over with.

Papoutsis took time out to thank fans for participating in the beta, saying...
“We’d like to take this opportunity to thank the community one more time. We love the two way dialogue we’ve established. And now that you’ve driven millions of miles in Hotwire, you’ve stolen billions of dollars in Heist, and you’ve continued to show mad love for Conquest, we can’t wait until you get a chance to play the whole package. We have seven multiplayer modes, nine diverse maps and a full single player campaign that’s like nothing Battlefield has ever seen before.”

Battlefield Hardline's Hotwire mode has actually been very popular, even gaining some positive praise from Gaming Blend's own Pete Haas.

The game didn't have an easy route to the current state of positivity that gamers now view it in. Originally, the beta for Battlefield Hardline that took place last summer was poorly received and there was a lot of negative blowback from fans who felt that it was just a DLC for Battlefield 4 with a $60 price tag.

It's hard to argue against the reasoning given that there was so little differentiating the game from the previous year's iteration of Battlefield. Most gamers saw it as a rip-off of Payday 2 and GTA V with a decent dash of Call of Duty tossed in.

There wasn't enough separation in the game to give the core community a reason to want to be excited about Hardline.

However, with the latest beta, EA and Visceral Games ramped up the playability by allowing players to partake in the Hotwire mode, as well as experience a more optimized and smoothed gameplay.

Many of those who participated in the beta have noted that the frame-rate and pace of Battlefield Hardline have been greatly improved. EA has even mentioned in the promo videos that Battlefield Hardline is the “fastest” Battlefield game yet.

I like the whole cops and robbers angle and the urban environments set in more pristine conditions as opposed to the war-torn locations in the middle-east add an extra layer of diversity to the locations. I'm also sort of looking forward to the game's single-player mode, which actually looks kind of good. It takes place over the course of “episodes” and plays out like procedural cop dramas on television.

Anyway, Battlefield Hardline's beta has been a pretty decent success as far as EA and Visceral Games are concerned and gamers get an extra bit of play time out of it all the up until Monday night, today, on Pacific standard time.
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