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Electronic Arts just can't seem to catch a break these days. If it isn't game crashes and server issues that marred the launch of Battlefield 4, it's fan apprehension and DDoS attacks hampering the launch of Battlefield Hardline.

Eurogamer is reporting that connectivity issues have already popped up for Battlefield Hardline, the cops-'n-robbers first-person shooter. However, the connectivity issues have little to do with Visceral Games or Electronic Arts, even though they're already working hard to address and fix the situation.

So essentially, Battlefield Hardline is getting hit hard because... well... we don't really know why. It could be just because it's a new game and a highly anticipated game it's being rocked by DDoS attacks.

Originally some gamers thought it was just Visceral and EA having poor-man's servers, to which they asked how the game's servers could be so lousy on the first week of release if they conducted two, count 'em, two open betas for the game. The Battlefield Twitter account tried hard to assure gamers that the problems would be fixed. However, that was on the day the game launched – it was just a day later that it was revealed that the Xbox One version of Battlefield Hardline was hit hard by DDoS attacks.

Interestingly enough, the comments from gamers changed greatly in tone after it was revealed that script kiddies were having their fun and trolling the servers of Battlefield Hardline with DDoS attacks. One user had a particularly funny response, hinting at the lack of skill of the script kiddies, saying...

For those that don't know, DDoS attacks are known as denial of service attacks. These attacks are designed to bombard the host servers with repeated packet connections to wear down and cripple the host servers. It's almost like running a simulation where a whole bunch of people log into the server at once but don't do anything but keep trying to log-in. The idea is to simulate such an instance in mass to strain and stress the host until it shuts down.

These DDoS attacks were very frequent during the latter half of 2014, especially after August. Things continued on throughout the fall and into Christmas where even more DDoS attacks occurred. Sony and Microsoft have been working hard to try to reinforce their servers to stand up against these attacks, and it was later revealed that the PlayStation Network undergoes an attack every single day.

For EA and Visceral Games it appears as if they're still dealing with some of these script kiddies and at the very inopportune time of Battlefield Hardline's launch. I'm sure they're going to want to get things settled as quickly as possible during the crucial opening two-weeks sale period.

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