Best Buy States PS4 Is Selling More Than Xbox One

One of the big debates about the new generation console war rests on the laurels of the sales numbers. Whoever is king is the one who dominates market share. Even though technically the Wii U is king, right now everyone is concerned with who will challenge the Wii U for the throne, and based on Best Buy's coy response we at least know that the PS4 seems to be stepping up to the challenge in a much more effective way than the Xbox One.

According to a report from iGame Responsibly, they managed to get in a few quick words from Best Buy's senior press representative, who stated that...

“We’ve sold many more PS4s than Xbox One’s.” ... “Both products are selling extremely well.”“We don’t have any PS4′s for sale right now, but we have about 25 Xbox One’s.” ...“I get calls everyday from customers looking for PS4′s.”

The fact that the PS4 is consistently sold out the world around bodes well for Sony; an omen of good financial success.

This also coincides with the recent NPD Group numbers (or rather, the lack of numbers) that revealed that the Sony PlayStation 4 was the top selling console in November, in spite of the Xbox One being the fastest selling console in November.

The numbers (or rather, the lack thereof) seem to fit the continued narrative of the PS4 leading the sales charts between the PS4 and Xbox One quite readily.

Nevertheless, given that retailers aren't actually throwing any hard numbers around and the console manufacturers are keeping the specific details on the console sales close to their chest, it's easy to see how the console war – at the moment – looks a bit muddled and unclear.

Nevertheless, analysts have already pegged the PS4 as the console to pull ahead of the competition, by nearly 500,000 units. It's likely that the PS4 could lead the Xbox One by more than a million units by March, presuming the metrics stay consistent in the way that they have.

Even though the PS4 has managed to best the Xbox One, so far, in the early goings of the console war, it's still a considerable measure behind the current leader of the eighth generation of home console gaming: The Wii U.

Nintendo led the pack by shooting out of the gates first with very little fanfare. However, over the course of the year the Big 'N' has managed to slowly and steadily regain their footing. As recently noted by the NPD, the Wii U has seen a sales increase of 340% over the course of the holiday sales season and that number is likely to increase heading into 2014.

It's quite clear that it looks like the real rivalry this generation will be a rematch between the two vets from the fourth gen of gaming, only this time around the roles are reversed and the PS4 is the more powerful over the Wii U. How well that will play into the tail-end sales of both systems years from now will be an interesting spectacle, no doubt.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.