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There's a lot to look forward to at this year's E3 and one of the items on the list is the collaboration between Bethesda Softworks and Enemy Territory: Quake Wars studio Splash Damage. In a recent interview, Bethesda Europe managing Sean Brennan revealed a few details on the mystery project.

"We're not announcing the name yet, but it's a first-person shooter," Brennan told "That's a product that we believe is a genre-breaker, it's a real killer app. From a quality perspective we're pitching that along the same lines as Fallout 3. We've kept it under lock and key, there are so many innovative features in there we don't want to reveal them too soon."

Bethesda and Splash Damage began their long-term development partnership in May 2008. This unnamed shooter is the first collaboration between the two companies.

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