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Today Bethesda Softworks released a short, mysterious video on Vine. The video appears to be a teaser for their next game.

In the video (reposted on YouTube above), we get a glimpse at coils of barbed wire. There's also some brief footage of a record spinning. It appears to be a Johann Sebastian Bach record. He's the composer of the video's background music.

Yesterday Bethesda announced that they had finished developing new DLC for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. They're now focused on building their next game. This game is believed to be Fallout 4. However, this video isn't about Fallout 4 according to Bethesda VP Pete Hines.

It's possible that the teaser is about Zwei, the survival horror game in development at Tango Gameworks. Tango was purchased by Bethesda's parent company ZeniMax in 2010. The studio is headed by Shinji Mikami, creator of the Resident Evil series. Zwei is expected in 2013 and if that's still true, an announcement should be coming soon.

Zwei isn't the only possibility, though. It could be that Bethesda is planning to unveil the rumored reboot of Wolfenstein. Or maybe they're finally ready to talk about the long-delayed Prey 2?