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Irrational Games released several alternate covers for their first-person shooter BioShock Infinite today. They can be downloaded in PDF form from the company's website and printed out for use in your game box.

After fans complained about the game's underwhelming box art, Irrational announced that the game would ship with a reversible cover. Six possible designs for the back cover were voted on by the player community. A stylish red, white and black drawing of Songbird took the prize.

The alternate covers released by Irrational today include the five designs that didn't win the vote. They also threw in three more never-before-seen designs. The first shows a more realistic depiction of Elizabeth, modeled after the official cosplayer. Another design shows Booker and Elizabeth falling through the air together. The third is called Murder of Crows and is inspired by the in-game Vigor of the same name.

In BioShock Infinite, players travel to the floating city of Columbia. They must rescue a mysterious woman named Elizabeth from the massive beast known as Songbird. They'll also have to battle religious fanatics and violent rebels.

A few samples of the alternate covers are below. You can download the PDF's from IrrationalGames.com.