Irrational Games has released the final box art for BioShock Infinite. The art shows hero Booker DeWitt looking like a stone cold bad-ass. However, something seems a bit off about it.

DeWitt's mission in BioShock Infinite is to rescue a woman named Elizabeth from the floating city of Columbia. Elizabeth, who possesses the ability to manipulate time and space, has been held prisoner in the city for years. Columbia is in the midst of a Civil War and DeWitt will need to battle both factions in the conflict in order to save her.

Elizabeth is a key part of Infinite's plot. More importantly, she's a constant companion for DeWitt throughout the game. It's a bit weird that she doesn't appear on the cover. Songbird, the large bird-like robot that hunts the duo, would've been nice for the cover too. Elizabeth and Songbird are at least recognizable, anyway. The game's a first-person shooter so this art is probably the first and last time we'll see DeWitt's face. Still, a picture of a dude with a gun conveys the important information that this is a shooter.

Infinite is currently slated for a February launch. Only the PS3 and Xbox 360 box art is seen here but the game's also in development for the PC.

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