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Irrational Games has unleashed three more BioShock Infinite screenshots on an unsuspecting Internet. One of the screenshots pays tribute to the President's Day holiday currently being celebrated here in the United States.

The Motorized Patriot is an automaton that resembles George Washington. It's even more patriotic thanks to the two flags attached to its back. The Patriot is armed with a minigun and seems to be a miniboss of sorts for the game. You can see this foe in action in this trailer.

The other two screenshots don't have anything to do with President's Day. They're nice all the same, though. One shows Elizabeth on the streets of Columbia with a worried look on her face. In the other, a group of guards stand at attention.

BioShock Infinite was supposed to be a week away. Unfortunately, it's now arriving in March. Damn shame, that.

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