Bioshock Infinite: Burial At Sea Episode 1 Walkthrough Guide

2K and Irrational Games' newest DLC for Bioshock: Infinite has gone live and gamers are just now starting to experience the Burial at Sea escapades with Episode 1. A new walkthrough video has been posted up to help some newbies find out where they have to go and what they have to do to get through the game.

The DLC stars both Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth from the original Bioshock Infinite, only this time the action and adventure no longer takes place in the rapturous skies of Columbia, but instead returns players back to the curved deco and enclosed metropolis of the underwater city of Rapture.

This Rapture, however, is very different from the one featured in the first two Bioshock games. We see a much more lively and social place that hinges on the precipice of an enterprising era, filled with contemporary commercialism and a hint at a post-modern art renaissance.

It's a fascinating take on a place that seemed, at first, familiar due to the exploits of the first two games. However, Ken Levine, the creative director, and the rest of the crew at Irrational managed to craft a completely different scope on Rapture that feels familiar in some ways but is so very, very different. I actually really like it.

The first part of the video is mostly just an exploratory fetch quest, but it's a well done fetch quest. Given that it's a walkthrough video and not made for those who peruse their surroundings with a pleasant promenade, you'll only see things getting straight to business in a direct and straightforward manner. It's a bit of a shame given that the DLC offers players an opportunity for players to finally explore some of the more captivating aspects of Rapture's cityscape, as players become a parvenu of Rapture's gentry and no longer need to worry about running from Big Daddies and plasmid-wielding cronies... well not at the start anyway.

The DLC looks pretty cool and reminds me a lot of an atmospheric throwback to the classic adventure titles of old. I like a lot of the opportunities afforded to gamers to just explore. It seems like it's something we've been restricted from in games so often throughout the seventh gen of gaming. I'm also hoping that this kind of exploratory gameplay makes a big return during the eighth gen.

Whether or not the new DLC is worth $15 depends on what you're looking for out the gameplay experience. You can watch the entire walkthrough to determine if you like what you see and make an informed decision or if the first mission has you sold over you can go ahead and pick up Episode 1 from the usual digital distribution outlets.

For more info feel free to visit the official website.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.