This morning, Steam announced that FPS fans with a hankering to keep their money in their wallet were in for a treat, as free-to-play futuristic shooter, Blacklight: Retribution has officially come to the digital gaming service.

This second entry in the Blacklight series was released for PC earlier this year, but today’s Steam launch should be bringing loads more players to the game. It’ll come packed with all the usual Steam fixins, including message boards, friend chat and achievements.

Blacklight is pretty much your standard futuristic multiplayer FPS, but with lots of polish crammed into its freemium packaging. Players utilize all sorts of high tech weapons, tech and even armored exoskeletons to defeat their enemies in seven game modes spread across nine maps. There’s a leveling system, weapon upgrades and, because it’s freemium, the ability to drop some real world dollars in order to get some sweet new swag. But “free” is in that word for a reason. Players can absolutely take on Blacklight: Retribution without ever spending a dime.

But if you’re fine with dropping a little change, Steam is offering a special Starter Pack of DLC discounted to 50 percent off ($9.99). The pack includes a premade SMG and burst pistol, two gun mods, a helmet and chest armor, two pieces of gear, 3,000 Game Points to spend however you see fit and a week’s worth of experience boost.

For more information, to start playing or to pick up that Starter Pack, head on over to the Blacklight: Retribution Steam page.

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