Blades Of Excalibur Is A Playable YouTube Game

Yes, it completely baffles me but it's true: You can actually play games in YouTube. I kid you not, this is real and it's becoming a real thing.

I didn't know about games being playable in YouTube, but it appears as if this could be the new-wave of consumable web content.

Blades of Excalibur is the typical free-to-play fanfare that you would expect from a web-quality game, however it definitely seems pretty crazy that you can play the game with minimal lag and decent quality through a YouTube player.

I was able to load the game up and get inside within a matter of seconds, and playing the game is done like a typical eight-direction beat 'em up, with the two main controls being jump and attack, with three other buttons reserved for special attacks.

The gameplay is exceptionally smooth to be a no-nothing web-game. I mean, you rarely expect decent animations or satisfying gameplay from a web-port... especially a YouTube port.

As mentioned in the press release...

“The game is another example of Kabam showing its technology leadership, since “Blades of Excalibur” will be the first Web-based fighting game that has the speed, responsiveness and graphical sophistication of a console. In the full version of the game, players control their characters using the keyboard, and can play the game against the computer in campaign mode, or else against a particular person or team of people in multi-player mode.”

The game's presence on YouTube is actually just a taster. You see, they aren't going to go all-in on a YouTube player because they need to make the dollar-dollar bills. So the game will soon relaunch as a web-browser-based title that's free-to-play, complete with an accompanying cash shop. I mean, you need a cash shop for free-to-play titles, right? You can't just make a game and sell it for a fixed price... that wouldn't work so well, would it? You might end up with sleeper-hit successes like Castle Crashers or Starbound or Scott Pilgrim Vs The World.

No, the future of casual gaming hinges on the impulsive inability of people to maintain a certain form of financial inhibition when it comes to “winning” and “progress”. Heck, if it were any other way the company Kabam would be well out of business, and down and out on their $700 million dollar market valuation. I mean, as a free-to-play company they managed $360 million in the last year alone, and Blades of Excalibur represents part of the company's new venture endeavors as part of a $50 million dollar development fund.

The company will publishing many of these free-to-play style games across Eurasia, the Middle East and North America.

You can get in some free play-time with Blades of Excalibur right now through the confines of YouTube and at the price of $0... if you so please. Heck, it might even make the work-day blast past faster.

If you're interested in the game feel free to check it out on the official YouTube link.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.