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There are apparently only three things in this life that are certain: The sun is going to rise, the sun is going to set, and Arc System Works is going to bring out another BlazBlue game. The latest iteration of the fan favorite fighter has just been announced, and it’s called BlazBlue: Central Fiction.

The folks over at Siliconera recently caught wind of a new trailer, hailing from Japan’s weekly games magazine, Famitsu. The trailer is for BlazBlue: Central Fiction and, other than a few small tidbits, that’s just about all we know concerning the game at this time.

BlazBlue first arrived on consoles about six years ago, coming from the team responsible for the popular Guilty Gear fighting series before that. Those two games boast a lot of similarities, including a colorful cast of oddball characters, an utterly ridiculous and basically impenetrable narrative, gorgeous hand-drawn graphics and lightning-fast fisticuffs.

Since that initial BlazBlue game launched, multiple sequels have arrived pretty much on an annual basis; each one furthering the story, dropping in a new mode or two, upping the roster by a small margin and tweaking systems when needed.

Well, the time has come for yet another BlazBlue fighting game, with Famitsu revealing Central Fiction over the weekend.

As has become tradition with previous games in the season, it looks like players can expect to get their hands on a pair of new combatants including Hibiki Kohaku and Naoto Kurogane. The legendary Nine also makes an appearance in the reveal trailer, so maybe players will be able to get their hands on that character, too.

Famitsu also announced that BlazBlue’s latest outing will enjoy its first location test from July 18-20, so we’re expecting to hear more details from the game once arcade fans finally get to take it for a test drive.

Now, the question remains: Which platforms will this new BlazBlue launch for? Will it try to straddle the generation gap with PS3 and Xbox 360 versions, or will Arc System Works go full-on current gen and make the game PS4 and Xbox One exclusive? Also, since they stepped away from hand-drawn to digital graphics with the latest Guilty Gear game, will they continue that trend in the BlazBlue universe?

And, most importantly, when are we getting BlazBlue vs. Guilty Gear? Make it happen, Arc System Works! You’ve earned major brownie points from this fighting fan by doing a Dragon Ball brawler for the 3DS, but a game that mashes up your two most popular rosters would be a dream come true.

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